Bringing First Century Christianity to Life




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The Adulterous Woman from the Gospel of John

Betty becomes this woman and tells her story in a dramatic presentation where she bring out key cultural aspects to reveal another layer of understanding in Scripture. The follow-up discussions are always lively and informative—every discussion has taken a


different direction according to audience needs. Betty guides the discussion so that the participants can apply the scripture message to present day living.


Wives Be Submissive to Your Husbands???

Was this the ultimate message of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians or can we find deeper meaning by exploring the First Century Cultural aspects to this story? This topic never fails to generate a lively discussionevents_scroll


Hear the Parables from a First Century Perspective

Our familiarity with the parables Jesus spoke and applying them to our 21st century culture may limit our understanding of these wonderful, yet sometime baffling stories. Betty takes the listeners back to the First Century audience who may have heard these stories a little differently.