Bringing First Century Christianity to Life

Every book requires research, especially with historical novels. Below is a partial list of websites and books that I used in researching When the Last Stone Falls.

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Recommended books for research:

A must for historical writers: English Through the Ages by William Brohaugh
Ancient Israel Volume 1 & 2 by Roland de Vaux
The World of Jesus by John Riches
Biblical Social Values and Their Meaning by John J. Pilch and Bruce J. Malina
Families in Ancient Israel by Leo G. Perdue, Joseph Blenkinsopp, John J Collins, Carol Meyers
Jesus of Nazareth by Joseph Ratzinger
Jewish Women in Greco-Roman Palestine by Tal Ilan
The Torah, an Introduction for Christians and Jews by David J. Zucker
The Seeker’s Guide to Jesus in the Gospels by Steve Mueller
Hammond’s Atlas of the Bible Lands, edited by Harry Thomas Frank
Dictionary of the Bible by John L. McKenzie, S.J.
The Cultural Dictionary of the Bible by John J. Pilch
The History of the Jewish Experience by Leo Trepp
Israel Then and Now by Thomas O’Dwyer, M. Cartier
Jesus before Christianity by Albert Nolan
Do What You Have the Power to Do by Helen Bruch Pearson
The Jerusalem Jesus Knew by John Wilkinson
The Jews in the Time of Jesus by Stephen M. Wylen
The Laws of Yahweh, a Handbook of Biblical Law by William J. Doorly
The Religion of Israel, a Short History by William J. Doorly
The Historical Figure of Jesus by E. P. Sanders
The Shadow of the Galilean by Gerd Theissen
Jesus, a Gospel Portrait by Donald Senior, C. P.
The Real Jesus by Luke Timothy Johnson
Biblical Profiles, Contemporary Reflections on Old Testament People by Roland J. Faley
The Magdalene Gospel, Meeting the Women Who Followed Jesus by Mary Ellen Ashcroft
Women’s Lives in Biblical Times by Jennie R. Ebeling
The Forgotten Followers by Carol J. Schlueter
Women and the Word by Sandra M. Schneiders
The Hidden Heroes of the Gospels, Female Counterparts of Jesus by Joseph A. Grassi
Essential Judaism, a Complete Guide to Beliefs Customs, and Rituals by George Robinson
The Holy Land, the Land of Jesus by Palphot Ltd, of Israel
Excavating Jesus, Beneath the Stones, Behind the Tests by John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed
Life in Biblical Israel by Philip J. King and Lawrence E. Stager
Josephus, Complete Works, Kregel Publications
A History of Israel by John Bright
The Marginal Jew, Volumes I & 2 by John P. Meier
The Open Tomb by Karel Hanhart
The Historical Jesus, the Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant by John Dominic Crossan
Women at the time of the Bible by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh
Extraordinary Women of the Bible by American Bible Society