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I love traveling and experiencing other cultures because it opens my mind to finding the Jesus in everyone I meet and how differences make us all interesting. When I bring my understanding of the first century Mediterranean culture into my scripture prayer and teachings opportunities, it provides yet a new and deeper understanding of Jesus and those who walked with him. It influences much of what I write, my involvement in works of charity, and my travels. Take a moment to read about the culture in which Jesus and Paul live in my article in New Theology Review, browse the site find other things that might interest you. Thanks for coming.   

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DSC_0482Forced to watch the legal stoning of her raped friend, the anger of fourteen-year-old Elitha bar Boethus embolden her to seek equality for all women stuck in their rigid, patriarchal, first century world. Mounting injustices thwart her efforts and tear away at her faith. The final blow strikes when she discovers the rapist to be someone close to her. She flees the safety of the family compound and lands into life-threatening trouble.This novel is based on the Adulterous Woman from the Gospel of John

 Understanding First Century Christianity from our modern perspective

New Theology Review with Betty Scheetz's article

My Article in New Theology Review, includes an analysis of first-century Mediterranean culture and its household code based on values of honor and shame.  Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians provides a world-changing vision of marriage and all other relationships with the power to transform today’s culture.

This article is very helpful if you want to get a better idea of what the culture was like at the time and how to better understand the New Testament messages.